Difficult start

Day began wrapped up in tubes trying to get to use the pee bottle. Managed to rip tubes a little causing bloody mess.
Seems the B team are on today.
The physio came and we walked in the corridor before settling me into chair. Ketamine has stopped so pain level higher. But no gain without pain. The back to bed with lovely leg/foot massage. Very good in a numb sort of a way.

Operation ‘walk again’

Well, on the day everyone else in the Bristol area was told the waiting list for Spinal Operations would be suspended due to weight of numbers. I was told my operation ‘walk again’ has been brought forward to 17th October.
Mixed emotions of happiness regarding the possibility of being out of pain and able to walk again. But also well aware of the forthcoming pain and discomfort to be managed first.
I am very understanding that my problems are not life threatening, although being stuck in this chair certainly tempts the thought. My problems seem to be more mechanical or engineering based, but without solution only temporary alleviation.
Anyway, onwards & upwards!


The morning began with rain but now the sun is shining. House is clean, washing drying time to take Maggy Mae for a walk. News in the world dominated by cruel behaviour and sure as ‘eggs is eggs’ an act of cruelty legitimizes further acts of cruelty. The most common response when hurt is to hurt back and if at all possible to demonstrate how the consequences of the initial act will far outweigh such acts. I guess the intention is to teach the perpetrator a lesson.

Is such logic successfull? Perhaps if the initial perpetrator is unable to increase or sustain their level of behaviour ie a child, or young pet. However, if the initial act is a thought out, planned event designed to produce the reaction seen, then surely this is simply the start of an ongoing trail or pattern of events dictated by the initial perpetrator towards some aim or objective. In order to change or influence events the victim needs to first regain the initiative and break out of pattern.

If the initial act is unplanned, out of character and random then the intervention should be designed to uncover the trigger or possible cause of the act in an effort to reduce the incidence of repetition.

Good Day

Waitrose is a pleasant place to buy the weekly groceries and household goods. Wide aisles, uncrowded space, good quality products and tasty coffee whilst reading the motoring magazines before putting them back!
Followed by a relaxing Gym session, stretching, steam room, sauna and swimming pool for further exercise routine.
Sunshine this afternoon allowed lying on my lounger with our dog Maggie Mae, sleeping for an hour. Slightly stuck upon waking meant a helping hand from Margaret who was making Christmas cakes!
Nice bottle of award winning Saint Emillion red wine with a tasty curry prepared with love by the ever thoughtful and considerate light of my life. I used a new Wine Decanting Pourer designed to properly aerate the wine enhancing the taste experience and it works! Mellow taste inducing a mellow mind. The world would be a better place if everyone experienced this state of mind at least once a week. Compromise would become more common.

Gym day

Exercise, no matter how little, has a very positive effect upon me. 15 minutes performing floor exercise develops a warm glow, followed by 15 minutes in the Steam room. 5 minutes cool down, 15 minutes in the sauna and 15 minutes in the swimming pool. Unfortunately I can no longer swim but various exercise routines learnt at the hydrotherapy pool in a hospital facility when living in Germany combine to maintain a residual fitness level.
Apparently such exercise will aid recovery, post operation.
Also the serotonin released when exercising helps pain management.

Warm weekend in sultry September

Warm weather in sultry September. I seem to spend hours sitting reading as though I’m in an extended Doctors waiting area, which I suppose I am!
The garden required water and the lack of control over future events is proving dangerously depressing for my wonderful wife and I.
Life is ‘on hold’ until post operation and we have some idea of what the future may be.
Spoke to a dear friend who has been diagnosed with Leukaemia and once again my own worries are put in their proper place. Never mind, another week begins tomorrow let’s see what the end of September brings?