An overwhelming feeling of disappointment fuelled by impossibly high expectations. For many the idea of a couple of hours walking in the open, away from roads and people, even signs of habitation would be anathema. For me being exposed to the elements, rain, sun, snow, soft or strong wind with the earth beneath my feet, these are the indications of a heaven.
Manual labour enhances the feeling of Godliness, the capacity to create or destroy using the material around us, the strength of our bodies and the intellect to plan, design, visualise a concept before its creation. These are the signs of our greatness.
This being so, why, how can we inflict such cruel and inhumane acts upon each other?
We have the potential and many many examples of kindness, selflessness, devotion, compassion and understanding all around us. So much pain and misery will happen without human intervention in the form of illness and natural disaster. Why do we feel the need to create more.
Perhaps as we get older these truths are revealed in order to prepare us for the disappointment of our humanity and acceptance of our own mortality.