The morning began with rain but now the sun is shining. House is clean, washing drying time to take Maggy Mae for a walk. News in the world dominated by cruel behaviour and sure as ‘eggs is eggs’ an act of cruelty legitimizes further acts of cruelty. The most common response when hurt is to hurt back and if at all possible to demonstrate how the consequences of the initial act will far outweigh such acts. I guess the intention is to teach the perpetrator a lesson.

Is such logic successfull? Perhaps if the initial perpetrator is unable to increase or sustain their level of behaviour ie a child, or young pet. However, if the initial act is a thought out, planned event designed to produce the reaction seen, then surely this is simply the start of an ongoing trail or pattern of events dictated by the initial perpetrator towards some aim or objective. In order to change or influence events the victim needs to first regain the initiative and break out of pattern.

If the initial act is unplanned, out of character and random then the intervention should be designed to uncover the trigger or possible cause of the act in an effort to reduce the incidence of repetition.

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